Timing of Your To Do List How Long is the Right Amount?

Did you every have a To Do list that is like a toilet roll and goes on and on and you just get frustrated at the end of the day since nothing is done?

Well, I have and I realize that one of the issues is that my To Do list for one day has never had a time perspective added to it, until recently.

For example, I have ten important items one could be a phone call that takes five minutes another could be a marketing project that takes four hours but in the past they were just two items on my list.

Now I make the list and I add an estimated time needed to accomplish the action beside it.

This makes it possible for me to see if I can accomplish the work I want to do in a morning or day. It also allows me to have a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of the day since I am able to get down what is humanly possible.

Have you tried this approach?

All the best to you,