Three Important Parts of a Quality Video to Promote your Work

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Video is definitely here as a way of promoting your work. The challenge for most business people like you and me is to figure out what parts of a video we need to piece together so what we offer to our clients or potential clients is effective.

I have been researching ways to improve videos I am creating and here are some consistent tips I found.

Before you start to make the video yourself or before you hire a professional to make the video (a better choice), you need to make a plan of what you wish to focus on and convey to viewers about you and / or your product or service.

Otherwise your video is just going to be a mashed up unorganized piece of art. You need your video to tell an inviting story leaving the viewer with the desire to see more.

In essence, you need to create a quick storyboard of what will be in the video and in what order.

How to Know the Cost
Sure you can go ahead and make the video yourself if you have the time and the experience, however, it is always best to hire a professional unless you wish to have the ‘raw, rough’ video effect which at times can be perfect.

When you call a film maker once you have a plan they can tell you if they can do what you want and what it will cost. See guideline number one above.

Stay Simple
A short high impact video is more likely to be completely viewed that a long winding story. People have very little time to watch what you have to offer. Catch their attention quickly and create desire for them to see more of what you have to offer.

This translates into meaning a short 2 minute or less video maybe all you need.

It will also be more likely to be shared and shared and shared.

Continued Success to you,