This or More Wonderful


When you have a loss of someone or some experience in your life you can end up heart broken easily.

It comes to us all that we become sad easily but to choose something better is always the better choice but how can we do it?

Use the BIG P for Preparation:

When you have a good experience in your life, just the most wonderful new friends, fabulous career, the best (fill in the blank) imaginable you know that the experience can pass (I know this too well) so the best preparation from the best mentors I have ever learned from is for us to be grateful for the current experience and that if you have it go away to know in your heart something better, more wonderful will replace it. Be prepared for what you have to disappear.

I currently practice daily before getting out of bed writing down ten things I am grateful for and it can simply be “I am grateful for the fresh air I breath” since not everywhere on our planet do we all have this.

This helps me be aware of what I have and I know that if it goes away something better, more wonderful will replace it.

Happy day to you,