This International Women’s Day Reduce Stress

March 8th each year is International Women’s Day and I just read a note online from a student who said “I didn’t know it was International Women’s day until my professor asked all the male students to stand up and applaud all the women in the classroom.” When I read that I though, wow! What a wonderful action to warm the hearts of the women in the room and hopefully melt away some of the stress many women experience on a daily basis. I recommend that if you involved in a meeting today to embrace this idea.

Today I am taking the time to continue to show the gratitude for the special lady in my life by hiding a gift in her items she takes to work. I also say a special global thank you to all the women in my life that have helped support me in all I do and I hope I have helped make a difference in return.

I encourage all the men who are reading this to see if you can add some surprising happy experiences to the women in your life today and to continue this practice everyday (I doing my best to do the same too!)

Perhaps follow the idea on the last posting I made and give the women in your life a Call of Gratitude.

I encourage all the women who are reading this post to remember you are indeed special and if at all possible do something wonderful for yourself today no matter how small it is.

For more details on International Women’s Day events you can visit this site.

Best wishes as always to all the women who read my writings.