This Action will Kill your Dreams

There is one action that you can take that will step by step destroy your health, your work, your relationships and just about everything else you are involved in. This action is a lack of action – the N word as I like to call it – Neglect.

You need to walk around the block each day to take care of your health but you neglect to do it. So you fitness starts to go away.

You need to push away from the table sooner to avoid eating more than your body needs but you neglect to do it. So the fat starts to add to your body.

You need to take the time to listen to your spouse, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your children but you neglect to do this. So you create distance in your relationships.

You need to call your clients every week to keep in touch but you neglect to do it. So the clients find a new person to take care of them.

It is Neglect that will kill your dreams.

Each day we need to remember not to neglect the steps that help us reach our dreams of health, happiness and prosperity and instead take these actions.

Let us all move forward and banish neglect to a place in our past.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. This article was inspired by one of my greatest’s mentor who recorded The Art of Exceptional Living