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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1937 according to the inside cover notes in my copy this book has been purchased by over 15 million readers. When I did a search on Google I received over 13 millions citations.

But many people have not read this book because they think when they hear the title the book is only about making money which is not true. The book is about the tools that make it possible for you to be rich in all areas of your life be it family relations, career opportunities, health – you name it the tools are here to create what you want.

In fact after interviewing over five hundred of the most important men and women of his time Dr. Hill distilled thirteen steps you need to take to nourish your life and he explains them in this book.

Being that it is written in 1937 some readers have complained the cannot relate to the historic figures noted by Dr. Hill in the book this is why there is now a modern version that holds true to Dr. Hill’s thoughts and includes modern examples.

I read the original version when young and I just read the new version. I do appreciate the modern notes and I believe you will too.

Now forget my vote of confidence and read what other people say about Think and Grow Rich and if you desire a chance to invest in a copy.


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