The Wonder Technique Presentation


What is the The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ® Presentation?

David Hennessey’s trademark presentation is

The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®

In David’s words

“I designed this presentation to be a clear precise approach to helping people gain and maintain a powerful focused state of mind that can lead to personal and professional fulfillment.

As you know today we often live complicated and stressful lives. So many of us need simple solutions to increase our success and wellness and manage daily stress so we have the mental and physical energy to live our dreams.

Even if you are already on a consistent personal and business development path you will benefit from the powerful tools and reminders used in this presentation that can lead to greater clarity and success in your daily actions.

This presentation has been experienced by thousands of people to date in numerous organizations who have all learned life nourishing Images, Acronyms and Activities including

* A revolutionary way to check if you are nourishing your success and well being everyday

* Simple tools to help increase peace of mind and to nourish a positive happy approach to life at work

* The easiest and cheapest way to reduce tension and increase your mental clarity

* An easy way to tell if you are eating an energizing, balanced meal in five seconds or less

Find out more about this UNIQUE TRADEMARK presentation that continues to nourish the lives of attendees years after attending an event by contacting myself today. David’s contact information is here

Please note the program title can be modified to be consistent with the theme of your event and content will be customized to suit your audience. Sample of titles have included ‘Simply your Life for Increased Success’ , ‘Simplify Healthy Living Habits’. Simply let me know the theme of your event and he will create a title for you.

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Some feedback on David’s work include:

“I loved the seminar – Everything! I have known for a long time that taking proper care is good for productivity and happiness in life. I rated this presentation ten out of ten” Kelly Noseworthy, Manager, Infinity Holidays

“Power of association, David is able to relate psychological principals to real life in simple direct ways” Pete Wilkinson, former International Olympic Program Baseball Consultant

“I really enjoyed your presentation – lots of good information – inspirational and motivational” Sandra Barret

“David received high marks in his simplistic approach to a complex topic…I was very happy with his presentation overall and I look forward to his next seminar.” Mary Jane Murphy, BScN, MES, President, Workplace Wellness Solutions Inc.

“I liked the simplicity of the principals because I know it is something I can incorporate into my busy life. I will incorporate the principals into my life immediately. .” Michelle Buskey

“This is the best workshop I had for this day. Every bit of info is very useful and practical. Thank you” Shama Vimal

“I like it all. It was all important. Nice and Simple. Interesting – it kept me focused. I rate this presentation ten out of ten”
Tama Menges, Event Planner and Workshop Attendee

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Why is this program so valuable?

Many people know some of the principals of success and wellness but not all and FEW practice them all until they learn the simplicity and the practicality of ‘The W.O.N.D.E.R Technique’® . The magic of this program is that it is simultaneously ideal for an audience as an introduction, a reaffirmation of ideas and as a thought provoking event.

This program is ideal for companies and organizations who have little time for training but a keen desire to learn powerful, quick changes to reduce stress to effectively increase success in the workplace.

To BOOK a presentation please contact David with your requirements and he will personally respond as soon as possible.

“Thank you in advance for your interest in my work.


David Hennessey, B.A. (Psych.), W.C.,
Professional Seminar Leader

Developer of The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®