The Turnaround Technique

Sometimes I get bit frustrated if I am unable to clearly communicate with another person an idea that I have easily been able to communicate with other people in the past. So when this happens I take a piece of my own advice and apply what I call ‘The Turnaround Technique’ ©.

The name is one I made up to help show it is designed to turnaround a situation to be a better one. The concept behind it is older than the hills. It is based on the idea that the best way to help resolve a challenge with someone else is to step into their shoes metaphorically speaking and look at what is going on from their perspective. If you turn around and look back at your behavior you may find (like I do) there is something you (or I) are doing to make the situation more difficult that it needs to be.

Here is how it works:

When you review a situation you can have many possible observations. For example, perhaps you are rushing an explanation of an idea or thought since you believe it has always been easily understood in the past. So you need to slow down and explain without rushing. Perhaps, it is not the right time to share this piece of information. So you need to re evaluate what you are saying and find a better time to share it.

Indeed, there can be many reasons. What is most important here is to get perspective on a communication challenge by looking at things from another person’s perspective. Often this time of getting perspective can only take place when you are outside the situation so if a communication issue happens at work or at home consider the idea of taking a washroom break to reflect. I have yet to have someone say ‘No! You can’t go to the washroom’. Then when I return if I really apply the turnaround technique in my absence I typically find a way to better to create a meeting of the minds rather that a battle of wits. My return will typically start with the words “I think I was misunderstanding you. Help me understand better or something to this effect.”

Enjoy a wonderful day,