The Time between Action and Result and the P word

Have you every changed your personal or business habits to find you have no positive results even though you have changed bad habits into good habits?

After years of working on changing habits I have found that I need to remember to respect the ‘time needed between action and result.’ To be specific, the time difference that happens naturally between the application of a positive new habit and the resulting positive change we experience in our world. We can shorten this time difference but we cannot eliminate it.

Consider the farmer, he has to prepare the ground, plant seeds, nourish the seeds, water the plants and step by step what he has intended to take place takes place and he will then be able to harvest the results of his work.

Remember one of the most important keys to success.

This key is the P word – Patience – as you apply the new positive habit continue to do so and over time the positive results you want will appear, just keep going forward with patience.

Why do I say this?

I believe as James Allen said “good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results: bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results.”

That is to say you will get corn if you plant corn and nettles if you plant nettles. Just keep going it may take weeks or months to see a difference but in most cases positive experience follow positive action.

If you are intrigued by the clarity and freshness of the words of James Allen you will want to read more about him here.

Your friend on the journey,