The Sustainable City for Less Stress?

Sustainable city Dubai

I have wondered a lot about the potential of creating self sustainable cities.

How can we build cities that have zero impact on the environment, is it in fact possible?

How can we renovate current towns and villages to create zero impact?

Will living in cities like this be less stressful for us?

If possible, I hope, this is a healthier environment for us and for the planet.

In my research I recently came across details on the new sustainable city being built in Dubai due to be completed for 2020. I am sharing this just in case you are not aware, then of course you can do your own additional research.

What I reviewed: 

I watched the below video filmed on site at the Sustainable City in Dubai from Fully Charged a British YouTube channel dedicated to Sustainable ideas and I took a look at the Sustainable City Website and downloaded this Sustainable City Fact Sheet

From reviewing the information I got two ideas that got my attention:


The extensive use of solar panels over parking areas. This helps generate power and keeps the cars cool for the occupants so they can use less air conditioning when they return to the car. Apparently, there will be close to 40,000 solar panels in the city when it is completed generating 10 megawatts of power. The city includes farms, public recreational areas and 500 homes. The panels themselves have been very nicely integrated into the architecture. You get a sense of this in the top image and also in the video. Less dependence on fossil fuels is naturally less stressful for us humans since fossil fuels are contaminating the air we breath so the less fossil fuels we use the better.


The goal of using the power from the solar panel covered parking areas generating 3 megawatts of power to supply electricity to power the public LED lighting, the community facilities as well as the electric vehicles to achieve an actual Zero net service charge for residents of the city. Less expenses is always less stressful : )

Would you feel living in this type of city (not necessarily in Dubai) would be a positive experience?

Have a chat with friends about this.

All the best,


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