The Strangest Secret

Photo by D. Hennessey

Like many people, my life have been filled with many challenges including cancer in my family, financial crisis and more I stress than I care to think about. I believe one of the best things that ever happened to me was when my Dad gave me a copy of a speech by Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret. This one speech opened my mind to a new way of thinking more than any of the other personal development tools I had ever listened too.

I was a shy, reclusive person who was not aware of the power of seeing my mind like a garden that I could choose to grow either success or stress in. I did not know until I had listened to Earl’s words I had complete control over how happy I felt by how I directed my mind and how simple it could be to change my life.

When later in life I discovered I was extremely passionate about helping people improve their lives it is because of Earl’s words I created the inner courage for me to move from being shy to being a professional speaker.  You have to believe this was a big step for someone who was afraid to ask a question in class to being the one up front teaching and sharing in front of hundreds of people.

With over 100 professional speaking engagements on personal development now behind me I still continue to listen to Earl’s inspiring words to help motivate me before each time I present. His words are powerful and timeless.

I recommend you go to the source and invest in yourself by finding our more about and find out The Strangest Secret.

Enjoy a wonderful day,