The Seven Laws of Successful Goal Achievement

Whether you want to reduce stress, increases success or simply be healthier the most successful approach is to avoid using the idea of goal setting.

Goal setting is a complete waste of time unless you attach to your goal setting the five laws of goal achievement:

The first law

Write you goals down daily so you know exactly what you want to focus on each day. The best time to write your goals down is first thing in the morning.

The second law

Choose three categories of goal achievement. Yes, just three, typically the goals you will have in mind are strong health, happy relationships and financial prosperity.

The third law

This law comes to you from Brian Tracy one of the masters of goal setting and goal achievement and the author of 55 best selling books on personal and business development. Brian says take 30 seconds and write down your goals and in most cases these goals will be the same ones you would get if you thought about your goals for 30 minutes or 30 hours. In 30 seconds your intuition will tell you in most cases what you really want to have your ideal life.

The fourth law

Write down what you need to do to achieve each goal.

The fifth law

Organize what you need to do into steps you need to take to achieve the goal on a daily basis.

The sixth law

Take the these steps each and every day.

The seventh law

Check in weekly with your goal achievement to see if the steps you are taking are helping you reach your goals, if not adjust them.


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Also remember to check out the work of one of my favorite mentors Brian Tracy

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