The Secret to Visualization and How to Achieve Your Goals

If you see your life as a life of opportunities and you just need to select what you want from the catalogue of the universe nothing positive may happen unless you know the following secret:

Visualization cannot be a chore

What I mean by this is that when you take the time during your day to focus for a few minutes on what your really want in your life during your process of visualization you must not find the action of visualization a waste of time. You must not find yourself easily distracted from what you are doing. You must have a real interest in the process of intentional dreaming.

For example, if you are not excited about dreaming about a particular event or experience in your life as if it is now and present then don’t do it. You are focusing on an experience you don’t want. You need to really enjoy the experience since your positive emotions in your visualizations attached to your every day action steps is like a mathematical formula that can help supply what you want into your life.

You must learn to control what you focus on and if you focus on experiences that bring to you positive emotions you are more likely to have a life filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

If this idea rings true for you check into it.

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