The Second Secret Ingredient to Make Positive Affirmations Work

Do you use positive affirmations?

Do they work for you?

I am a great believer in the power of how we think, however, I have learned that for many people positive affirmations do not work because they are missing a first secret ingredient. I wrote about the first secret ingredient here.

Now since I am in a constant state of learning I recently discovered what I believe to be a second ingredient that we all need to be aware of when we are using positive affirmations. I learned this when I was listening to a talk by Louise Hay

Louise is extremely clear in how to make affirmations work and now at 88 years of age she continues to impact the lives of millions of people through her books and audio materials.

The second ingredient became clear to me when I was listing to Louise Hay. Louise reminds us that we need to be very conscious of how we are thinking each day during the times when we are not practicing our affirmations.

How do you speak to yourself when your daily 20 minutes of affirmations is over?
What do you think about other people?

If your mind is full of negative comments about yourself and the world around you for 15 hours and 40 minutes per day then your 20 minutes of positive affirmations will take a long time to make your world better.

You need to control your thoughts, as only you can control your own thoughts, so that each drop of positive thinking grows eventually to be a sea of happy thoughts that fill your life.

To help you check out this tiny book The Seven Day Mental Diet
by Emmet Fox or any materials by Louise Hay

Make sure you have all my free resources which include the mini motivational cards.

I am having a wonderful day, how about you? Yes!