The Reverse Christmas Gift

the wonder technique

One Idea via a fuzzy phone photo

There are always things I wish for but I don’t really need so this Christmas I thought I would create The Reverse Christmas Gift.

The Reverse Christmas Gift is a gift of giving instead of receiving. I have told all my family and friends that I prefer not to receive any gifts this Christmas and instead I am personally going to fund a gift hamper and give it to someone who needs it more than me.

I have being doing research with a local association that works with the homeless and they are guiding me to who I can give this gift.

I am sharing this not to make you think great of me but to inspire other people to do the same if it sound like a good idea.

I am in part inspired by the great work done by Tony Robbins who starting feeding other families when he was 17.

Now through the years with help of many people his foundation has feed millions. He has even dedicated all revenue from his new book to fund meals to feed people. The sale of each book will generate enough money to cover the cost of 50 meals.

I happily just invested in a copy. check out the book here