The REVERSE bucket list – How to Create a Reverse bucket list.

I see a lot of examples on the internet of bucket lists. There is even a movie called The Bucket List BUT I want to remind people to turn this idea UP SIDE DOWN and suggest it is a more valuable exercise to write a REVERSE bucket list.

The Reverse bucket list is a list of goals we have already achieved in our lives. It is a list of all the great experiences we have already completed that when we look back on them we feel really great about them. If you are not aware a ‘bucket list’ is all the things you wish to do.

The Reverse bucket list can help you remember how great your life has been so far, it can also inspire you to do great things in the future.

Note: It is not the number of items on the reverse bucket list but the fact that you feel great about the experience and you feel grateful for the experience.

Secret: Remember Gratitude can help you attract more of what you want.

The Start of My Reverse Bucket List is below (please share this article to inspire others to do the same)

My Reverse Bucket List


Met, romanced and married a beautiful French lady.



Became a Dad to two wonderful children.



Hiked in the Himalayan mountains for several weeks and I went alone to the base camp of Nanga Parbat at 4000 meters altitude. Below is a picture of me drinking from the Hunza River close by Nanga Parbat.

Yours Truly in the Hunza Valley

Yours Truly in the Hunza Valley



Learned to speak a second language in the last two years



Had the pleasure of visiting over twenty countries so far including Romania, Pakistan, Hungary, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Austria and I have spent in most cases weeks in each place.



Lived and worked in three different countries and cultures long term (Ireland,Canada and France)



Taken the time to swim in the cool sea no matter where I have lived on January 1st every year since 1991 that is 23 years in a row as of today.



Volunteered to deliver meals to the elderly for 3 years



Hiked the Fools Gold Trail, the Howe Sound Crest Trail and the West Coast Trail in British Colombia, Canada



Hiked to the top of Mt Sinai in Egypt.



Certified in Wellness consulting, Reflexology and Degree in Psychology. Certified International Real Estate Specialist.



Had the joy of driving a Ferrari 360 Spider in the mountains above the Mediterranean sea. I was also able to give the same opportunity to my brother who loved it.



Driven part of the Famous Monaco Grand Prix track in a street car



Created a Free Daily Personalized Inspirational Motivational Email service anyone can use



Rebuilt the top end of a Small-Block Chevy Engine for my own hot rod (link is to one of the books I learned from).



Developed a unique educational seminar to help people of all ages improve their lives



Qualified for my motor cycle licence



Wrote a column for a local newspaper for two years (North Shore News)



Wrote and sold an e-book on How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively



Visited the Great Pyramids of Giza, Karnak Temple and rode on a camel



I have had the chance to swim in the Red Sea.



Raised money for charities for over ten years



Keynoted an event for over 150 attendees



Wrote a 200 plus page paperback book in 3 months and self published and sold all one thousand copies



Visited a real oasis in Siwa


And gratefully many more.

Why not share this article with friends to get them involved. Even refer to this article in your blog and social media. Let us all be grateful for the great experiences we have!

All the best to you,


2 comments to The REVERSE bucket list – How to Create a Reverse bucket list.

  • This is a simple way to shift into gratitude mode.
    Thank you for this David.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Yes, it is such a simple way to shift into gratitude mode. This is why I love the idea so much. Please do share the idea of the Reverse Bucket list with your students. Keep up your great work of touching peoples live with your Yoga.

    All the best,