The Repetitive Mind

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Did you ever have a mental block like having the experience of hearing a song play again and again in your mind simply because you heard it at some time during the day and without your conscious effort it will not go away? I definitely have. Have you ever had the song be one you don’t even like? Me too! Sometimes it even sounds like the musicians have taken up residence in my head.

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You can use this repetitive nature of the mind to help support or damage your mental resilience and ability to be stress proof.

If your self talk is negative or if you listen to songs or people with useless negative ideas be aware of what may be running quietly in the back ground of your mind deepening the negative mental patterns that you may have now or in the future if they are not changed.

To help delete a repetitive song or thought you need to replace it by a new thought or action that you are focusing on so strongly your mind does not have the time to play the undesired song or thought again.

If your self talk is positive or if you listen to songs or people with positive ideas there is a greater likelihood that positive ideas are playing quietly in the back ground of your mind. This is great since you will be constantly planting the seeds of greater resilience, health, happiness and prosperity in your life.

To help nourish positive self talk and happy tunes in your mind it is always a good idea to have inspirational books or music on hand that you can play to help train your mind to be focusing on positive, inspiring thoughts.

Take the time today to check out some of the following books that have changed thousands of lives:

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