The Psychology of Healthy Living

Dr. Scott Peck, author of the now famous book ‘The Road Less Travelled’ has said that all our experiences are over determined.

Over determined means there is not simply just one cause for any experience in your life. Let us think about this. If your car breaks down on your way to work your late arrival is determined by many factors: how difficult it is for you to find a phone for a tow truck, how long it takes for the tow truck to arrive, how difficult it is to fix the cars problem (is it a battery or a fuel leak), how eager you are to get to work, how willing you are to leave your car behind and take a bus. It is a combination of all these and perhaps, more the outcome can vary a lot.

Now let us consider the factors related to a health issue. Let say you have a runny nose, is it caused by an irritant in the air? Is it caused by the cold air you are out in? Is it caused by a weakened immune system fighting a virus? Is it caused by your low recent intake of vitamin A or C or both and your excess intake of refined sugar? Is the weakened immune system caused by stress you are experiencing since your car broke down on the way to work? Is it all of these? or more.

Every event appears to have many causes and is thereby, over determined. We are not overweight just because we eat too much. We are not over stressed because we don’t practice yoga. We do not have a low income because the economy is struggling.

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P.S. I have read a number of Scott Peck’s book. I do recommend you take the time to read The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth It has been a National Best Seller for over twenty year with over six million copies are in print. Follow the link The Road Less Travelled to read comments from readers.