The Number One Formula for Success and Wellness

A close friend once said to me “David, Life is not complicated it is simple if you follow the formula”. I said “What formula?” He said “The formula that will help you create success and wellness”. Below I will share what he said in my words.

Note: You are going to read below and say he was simplifying things and this is true. But simple does not mean easy because many people give up simple actions and look for more complicated solutions.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever met someone who just needs to reduce the amount of food they eat to lose weight but instead of reducing the amount of food they eat they decide they have to study the process, start counting calories, buy special foods….all of a sudden a simple process of reducing the quantity of food to reduce weight becomes a complicated process.

Okay, here is the formula for success and wellness that I learned. Read over it and see if it can help you. I believe it can. I believe you can do it!


Find something you want to achieve (less weight, more energy, less debt, more income..)

Note: Most people like you and me have an endless list of item number one.



Go to your library and find books to help you create a plan of action to achieve your goal.

Note: Many people start to give up here since they find life interrupts their ability to get to the library or book store or even do focused research on the internet.



Do it, follow the plan of action you located in the information you read

Note: Most people leave the process here because they self sabotage thinking they will never make it, don’t deserve it… get this book to help keep you on track.



Continue to do number three until you have achieved your goal

Note: 95 percent of people give up here…the reasons are endless.


Can you accept this process?

Do you think this process can work?

What have you got to lose by testing this process?

What have you got to gain by testing this process?

As you work on applying this process use as many of the seven free personal and professional development resources I have created to assist you.

Check out these recommended books. If you don’t have the money right now go to the library and ask the library to order them.

You can achieve your success and wellness goals. You just need to take the first step and yes! you can do it.

Your friend on the journey,