The Number One and Most Powerful Parenting Book Ever

When we have friends visit and they see the piece of paper on our kitchen wall (that is displayed above this posting in a photograph) they always make a comment and ask what it is. We tell them the piece of paper is a visual representation of our commitment to each other as a family. We are frequently asked how we came up with the idea. If you are a parent or know parents and you are interested in how the idea came about and how to create one please read on as I share with you the history of the idea.

In 1989 Dr Stephen Covey published a pioneering book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and like millions of people I found this detailed book to be full of life changing ideas. In the years following Dr. Covey wrote extensively about the idea of creating a mission statement to help guide us in our lives. I have read and recommend many of Dr. Covey’s books.

In 2002 John Kehoe (the author of the best selling book Mind Power into the 21st Century) published a book to teach parents and children how to use their minds effectively. The book was called Mind Power for Children. My lady and I have read this book many times and it was from this book we were inspired by John Kehoe to create a family mission statement ( the one pictured above).

To follow John Kehoe’s idea you plan a time and sit with your family. You take a piece of paper and write at the top ‘In Our Home we’ and then you brainstorm to find a few short statements or isolate a few words and write them down to confirm the principles that your family believes in – you create your family mission statement.

Once written down everyone in the family signs the bottom of the paper and the paper is placed in the home where it will be seen daily. If you have young children like I do you can color the letters and share examples of the principles as you color.

Note: You can see on the bottom right the top of one of our children’s signature. I cut all our signatures off the image for privacy. In reality, when you see the page you see what we agreed on and that we all signed it as a commitment.

I believe John Kehoe’s book Mind Power for Children is The Number One and Most Powerful Parenting Book Ever I have ever read. Many people believe it is a great book too. Read more reviews by follow the link to Mind Power for Children.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Covey’s work check out The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People it is one of the most important personal development books of the last fifty years. It has been in the top fifty books for decades.

Your friend on the journey,


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