The Not to Do List

Not to Do - Park here - that's a sidewalk!

The Not to Do List’ is an idea I remember reading about years ago long before I read Timothy Ferriss’s notes about The 4 Hour Work Week. If you recall another source of the idea before Timothy Ferriss’s book please help me out with an email to ‘remind’ my memory what was my original source.

The Not to Do List is exactly as it sounds. It is a list you keep beside your daily ‘To Do’ list to help you keep focused. The list contains actions that you want to avoid since they get you off track and out of focus and life just drifts away.

Here are some ideas you can use to create your list.


Avoid having the urges to answer every single phone call right away. Invest in a message center on your phone and schedule times of day you will check your messages. Please avoid answering the phone if you are in a meeting whether it is business or personal unless you have a wife who is expecting or someone you know is ill. Unexpected phone calls can really destroy your focus.



Avoid checking your email first thing in the morning. Set priorities that you want to accomplish every day and do them first then check email. You will also want to add Facebook and other forms of Social Media to this ‘avoid checking first thing in the morning’ list.



Avoid driving around town to save a few pennies on an item. Yes, price compare but do it online and even by phone on higher priced items but don’t burn your life away (and the earth’s fossil fuels) just to save less than you will spend in the process of driving around. If you do see a good price on a product you use often either buy several of them there and then and store them. Or make a note where you are at for the next time you are in the area to cash in on the special deal.



Avoid doing activities you don’t like. If you have a friend who likes to jog and you detest jogging don’t jog  ride a bike beside them, skateboard, rollerblade find something you like to do on their route or meet them afterwards for a swim or a refreshing drink.



Well, I sense you have the idea only you know what you need to put on your ‘Not to Do ’ list. Now take your ‘To Do’ list and write a note to make your ‘Do Not Do’ List today.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. If you would like to read more about Timothy Ferriss’s book The 4 Hour Work Week there are almost a thousand reviews on Amazon. Find out details via this link to The 4-Hour Workweek