The No Pain with Gain Exercise

walk to exercise

If you are still searching for the ideal way to take control of your physical health and reduce mental stress consider the ancient exercise that reduces bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, helps manage your weight, improve your mood and keeps you fit.

It is, of course, the action of walking. All you need to do, according to many medical doctors, is walk briskly and you can obtain the same benefits of more vigorous exercise like jogging. So it is possible to have gain without pain.


Here are some action steps to help you on your way:

Set Goals

This article on goal setting can help


Get Proper Shoes and a Pedometer

These are my walking shoes and here is a sample of a Pedometer


Walk with Proper Posture

Consult your local yoga instructor for advice (I am lucky to be married to a lady who teaches yoga)


Warm up and stretch before walking

Consult again your local yoga instructor for tips


Cool Down and Keep Warm after Walking

I recommend you were clothing that deals properly with perspiration and body heat. I wear a light Merino Wool Top like this when I go walking.


For more ideas to help make brisk walking part of your fitness program to help reduce stress in your life see this article on how to create your own fitness program.

Best of health to you as always,