The New version of H.A.L.T. is S.H.A.L.T use it to make better decisions

H.A.L.T. is an excellent acronym to help you manage stress by avoiding inappropriate times to make an important decision.

Even though I love making up acronyms, it was not me who made up H.A.L.T.

However, I do have an updated version of H.A.L.T. for you to consider.

I am proposing we add another letter : S

The ‘S’ is for when you are sick.

You may not be hungry, angry, lonely or tired just sick and when you are sick it is a very inopportune time to make an important decision. This is why when people are very sick they may have shared instructions with friends and family to guide decisions involving them because they know that when they are ill it is not a good time to make a clear decision. You don’t have to be very sick to make a poor quality decision because you are ill. So Lets add the S to H.A.L.T.

Now to add the ‘S’ onto H.A.L.T. we could put it before:

S.H.A.L.T. which is actually old English for shall.

I propose that we make it like a rule ‘Thou shalt make the best decision by using the guideline S.H.A.L.T.”

If you like the new acronym please use it and tell people where you found this idea.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


P.S. here is an article and video explanation for H.A.L.T. I posted a while ago