The New Healthy Food Scoring System

There are many different ways to decide if you are eating a healthy food: fact panels, package labels, nutrition reports, books like Trick And Treat and The Dukan Diet the list is somewhat endless.

Now there is a new system that, perhaps, will make things simpler. It uses a patent pending algorithm which converts complex nutritional information into a single, easy to use score. The new system was developed in America and is called the NuVal System. The foods scored include processed and unprocessed foods and foods are rated from 1 to 100, 100 being the best. The idea is to have stores post the NuVal score of products beside each item on the shelf so you can even compare fruits and vegetables.

When you visit the website located at you can read the score for particular foods. (See how your favorite healthy food rates). You can also read about ‘Trading Up Tips’ that gives you suggestions on a new higher scoring food to replace another lower scoring food you eat.

Important note: right on the site there is a statement “NuVal Scores are not dependent on food portions. To maintain optimum health, you should maintain portion control.”

The scoring idea is an interesting concept but just as the statement noted above reminds us all we still have to pay attention to the amount of food we eat. Perhaps, some of the most successful ways to help you balance the quantity of the food you eat are the visual systems. I have used one particular system for years and shared it with thousands of seminar attendees. If you want to learn more about this system you can check out my electronic workbook Simplify Healthy Eating Habits.

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