The Most Powerful F Word

I am writing this post in December at a very special time of year for many people and a much disliked time of year for many people too.

Of course, there are as many reasons to like and dislike this time of year as there are people on the planet.

One reason many people I have met tell me they like this time of year is because they get to see their family and for other people the reason why they dislike this time of year is because they may have to see their family.

The reason why the later people dislike meeting their family is because someone did something that they can never forget.

If you are part of this later group my heart goes out to you and I offer you an idea that was shared with me by a dear friend who just passed away.

He told me ‘you may never forget something someone did to you in your life but you can always forgive them’. To me, ‘forgive’ is the most powerful F word.

In the same lesson my friend went on to say ‘never go to bed with anger in your mind. Breath, relax and forgive’.

I wish you a wonderful celebration of this time of year no matter what you believe.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. If you want to read and study a classic book on how to release your mind of tension you can check out two of our family favorites: one by Dale Carnegie and one by Thich Nhah Hanh