The Mistake of Goal Setting: The Importance of Deciding in Advance

Have you every questioned the value of goal setting? Do you believe that without any focus you can achieve the goals you want to achieve in life?

One friend told me that ‘the mistake of goal setting’ is that goal setting interferes with the flow of life. He never set goals and just lets life happen and accepted the results and he wondered why I set goals. Of course, I set goals because there is something I wish to accomplish but here is a better explanation.

The Importance of Deciding to Set a Goal in Advance

When you decide in advance what you would like to happened during your day your mind becomes focused on what is important and in line with the achievement of the result wanted. Your focus will permit you to make every effort to ignore the events that are not in line and to focus on the events that will bring about the desired result.

As a result of ‘Deciding in Advance”

Phone calls that need to be made will be made, others not

Emails that need to be responded to will be, others not

Time doing time wasting activities will be avoided.


The bonus is that when you decide in advance and you gain focus you also gain peace of mind since you are not blown around by the ‘wind’ of everyday activity that dissolves rather than fulfills your life.

Now as always the decision is up to you


P.S. It is interesting to note that the friend of mine who tells me he still never sets goals recently told me he now has started to use a ‘to do list’ but he still does not believe in goal setting. I guess it is a matter of personal perception

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