The Little Voice that Controls Your Life

If you really want to nourish and grow your health, happiness and prosperity so you can make a difference in this world you need to know your Little Voice.

Your little voice is the one that you hear inside your head when you are doing just about anything. It is, to paraphrase educator Blair Singer, “the little voice that speaks to you all the time, it is the mental chatter in your mind that controls your destiny”.

How does your little voice speak? Is it with loving kind words or is it telling you that you are not worth it, you can’t do it, you will never make a difference?

Take a moment and truly in a few moments you will start to hear this little voice. Recognize clearly if it is supporting your dreams of health, happiness and fulfillment or is it going against you.

You need to control this little voice so that you experience what you want in life. You cannot control it instantly but you can plant the seeds daily to make sure the little voice is supporting you positively.

If you really want to have abundant health, happiness and fulfillment daily you must take action to make sure the little voice is working with you.

If the little voice is supporting you in your dreams continue to nourish the positive nature of the little voice. If the little voice is a negative little voice then you need to eliminate the negative by pouring lots of positive thoughts into your mind on a daily basis.

Here are a list of tips and tools to assist you:

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