The Last Conversation

Did you every have a conversation with someone you care about and it did not go so good and you just left the scene without making any effort to create peace? Did you do this and feel at peace? Would you regret if this was the last conversation you ever had with this person?

Recently, I have thought about this since two people I loved dearly passed away and I have been thinking about the last encounters we had.

However, when I think more about this idea of the last conversation I have with someone it is not just about conversation with people who are dying. The conversation could be with a departing friend or co-worker at the end of a day. I will actually never know when the last conversation may be with someone so I prefer to make the possibly last conversation a positive one.

As my Dad used to tell me “never go to bed angry with someone”. I think he learned this from Dale Carnegie. It is good advice. I believe it is never a good sleep that follows a conflict with another person.

Conversations in the best moments are wonderful experiences filled with the sharing of empowering ideas that have changed the world. In fact, books have been written on conversations including one bestseller you may know of called Conversations With God.

Conversations in the worst moments can destroy relationships.

Consider, if you will, what I am sharing here, the simplicity of how you can nourish our humanity by thinking after you have a destructive conversation would you like it to be your ‘Last Conversation’ with that person?

Your friend on the journey,