The Importance of Mini Relationships


Mini Relationships

Recently a colleague asked me how I manage to make rapport with people even if they are just in contact with me briefly. I said “I like to create a mini-relationship”. His next words were “What is that?”

I shared.

I believe that no matter what career you are involved in you are going to be in contact with people directly or indirectly. Mostly likely you have a product of service you wish to offer to him or her, however, before you can offer anything, I believe you need to create a mini-relationship.

A mini-relationship is the term I use for building rapport with someone you just met. When someone engages with you in your business you want them to have a positive experience and not just be a participant in a transaction. Sometimes but not always the mini-relationship becomes a long term relationship, personal or professional.

In contrast to my belief, I have met many people who believe they know the needs of clients better than the client knows their own needs. They feel they have no need to create any relationship just do a transaction. I just wish them the best of success and let them spend more money on finding new clients rather than them getting referrals from current clients who had a positive experience.

Try out the idea of telling people you know what they need in a personal relationship to find out how wrong this concept is. Tell your teenage child or your love of your life that you know their needs better than they do. Then I suggest you run out of the room to avoid flying objects.

Some professionals even suggest sometimes that clients are lying to them about their needs. Tell me who lies about their need for something? If somebody really wants something they will ask for it. But before they will tell you what they want, especially if they just met you they want to feel a sense of trust between you and them, this is why you need to create a mini-relationship.

You create a mini-relationship that creates trust by truly listening clients just like you need to do with friends and family. If they do not feel heard they will disengage and either leave your place of work. Just like family and friends will leave you too.

Once a person has the opportunity to share with you and you listen and accept what is on their mind you can suggest something you have to offer that will help them fulfill a need they have told you they want to fulfill.

If they did not ask for your assistance you can always say if you ever need help with this I have a solution contact me when you wish. This is when you offer a way for them to contact you.

If they are ready and interested you have now a mini-relationship and you can ‘grow’ from there.

Your friend on the journey