The Hidden Recipe for Health and Happiness

As you work on nourishing your health and happiness remember that illness and sadness are not caused by one single event.

If you become unhealthy or unhappy it did not happen overnight. It is an accumulation of poor thinking and poor actions made over time. If you smoked one cigarette and you got ill, or if after one negative thought you got unhappy you would most likely learn the lesson quicker that you need to change your thoughts and actions for the better. But life is not like that is it?

Likewise, the recipe for health and for happiness is an accumulation of right thinking and right actions over a period of time. One cup of water and one positive day of thinking will not change your life around but it will get you on the right path.

Illness and sadness arrive very slowly like the increasing days of darkness as we move to winter.

From today forward take note of the small actions you take that are creating future pain for you and ‘switch’ them to positive actions that will bring you joy and health in the future.

Your friend on the journey,


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