The greatest and nicest sales people in the world are

The greatest sales people are not sales people they are educators who find someone who has a need and educates them on how to solve their problem.

If the product or service is something the person needs they buy. If they don’t need it they won’t buy it or they will buy it and simply return it soon after.

Often salespeople don’t succeed because they have misunderstood the needs of the client and are busy ‘selling’ to the client what the client never wanted. They typically misunderstand the client because they have not listened attentively to the client.

The Art of Selling is actually educating people on the value of your service or product. If they have the need they will buy. If not thank them for their time and look for someone who does need what you offer.

This I share with you having been in the sales world since 1991 and personally, pushy sales people drive me crazy.

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