The French Baguette: Good, Bad or F

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Life in France is not like in the movies. I can tell you that first hand as I have lived in the South of France for quite a while right now. Food choices are not what you see on TV.

However, today’s article is specifically about the French Baguette and more specifically, a brief comment I would like to share with you about the baguette.

The Baguette is still massively popular in France from what I can see when I visit local French bakeries.

I live in a French village and there is a local bakery, as is traditional the bakers are at work early. I believe they start at 4 o’ clock in the morning so the locals can enjoy their freshly baked bread.

And that is the key ‘Freshly baked’.

The F in the title of this article is referring to Fresh and even if baked food specifically the ingredients in the French baguette may not be the most ideal to nourish your health and wellness one thing I can say for sure is the local baguettes are Fresh and not made in a factory and shipped into a store for you to buy and eat before an expiry date that could be weeks away.

The baquette is like traditional foods from the past (at least the one from my local bakery) because one day later it is hard as a piece of wood since it has no preservatives. That is how you know the day before it was Fresh.

My mentors continue to tell me choose all your foods (fruits,vegetables,baguettes…) as fresh as possible. Fresh always seems to be a good choice.

As they say here in France, Bon App!

Your friend on the journey,

Note: Remember I am not a a doctor and I don’t pretend to be one on the internet so before you make dietary changes consult your doctor.