The Dukan Diet and The French Documentary

Over the years, as I have worked to create systems to help people make and keep healthy eating habits, I have read a lot of diet books. From the older ones like Fit for Life to more recent books like Eat Right for Your Type, The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, The Food Connection and many more.

Now there is a craze in France about a diet program detailed in a book called in French ‘Je Ne Sais Pas Maigrir’ by Dr. Dukan. Dr. Dukan is a French Nutritionist who apparently has helped over five million people gain control of their weight. He just published an English version of his book title The Dukan Diet book .
To keep up to speed on Dr. Dukan’s work I recently watched in French an in depth documentary on his work on the M6 channel program called Capital.

What was interesting to me as a person who focuses on creating clear effective habits is that in the documentary Dr. Dukan clearly states to his clients they have to follow his guidelines or the diet will not succeed. By saying this he is underlining the biggest problem with people who start a diet and do not succeed. They do not follow to diet suggested to see if it works or fails.They make their own version.

I appreciate Dr. Dukan being firm and in addition, that in his diet he recognizes that unhealthy fats cannot help you be healthy. You can read more about what Dr. Dukan says about his approach to slimming here on his own site.

Like any diet you never know if it is good or bad for you, I suggest since the book is now available in English this gives you the opportuntity to get yourself a copy and bring it to your doctor to see if it is a good choice for you or not. Again, the link to details on the content of the book is this following link toThe Dukan Diet book .

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