The Dirty Dozen, The Clean Fifteen and EWG

As you most likely know our bodies are made of what we eat and as we work on our personal development it is very important that we not only nourish properly our mental and spiritual parts but also our physical parts too. Do you agree?

To help give our bodies the best advantage for development my children, my wife and I choose to eat organic food because it is lower on pesticides than chemically farmed food. (We also enjoy the delicious taste of organics in season and the fact that organic farming is less likely to pollute our precious water system!)

BUT sometimes it can be impossible to find organic food in an area we may be traveling in and I recognize, also, that some people simply do not have the money to buy organic food.

Here are two solutions:


The Environmental Working Group offer a simple wallet sized card you can download off their website to help you choose foods that are low in chemical pesticides. This list includes the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen.

When you visit the EWG website take the time to listen to a 3 minute interview of best selling author Dr. Weil and his comments on organic food and pesticides. I also recommend you read over the FAQ on the EWG site with particular attention as to where they get their data.



I recommend you check out my eBook on How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively. It offers simple, practical tips than can help you buy organic food even on a budget. Here is the link to the organic food book.

Yes, I know it is a plug for my eBook but it is super low priced and I know from those who have bought it you can more than save the money you pay for it in what you learn.

Enjoy a wonderful day,