The Dangerous Great Activator

How do you protect your mental garden? - Photo by D. Hennessey

To help grow success and reduce success in our lives we must use the great activator in our brains to sew the right seeds in the first place everyday. There is no other way. The great activator is our conscious mind that we can use moment to moment to program our subconscious mind to help us create all we want in our lives.

BUT BE WARNED the conscious mind can be dangerous to your mental wellness since it does not judge between good or bad. If you think negative thoughts it passes them unfiltered to your subconscious mind to build your future. The thoughts then become the materials you use to create your future actions.

This information is not new but still less than five percent of people really use their minds in a manner that will reduce stress and increase success. Most people leave it all to chance and chances are they will only reach part of their personal potential during their lifetime.

The following ideas will help you use your mind more effectively:


Know deep inside that your subconscious mind is like a garden of rich soil and your conscious mind is the farmer sowing the seeds. The soil is alive and willing to support and nourish all you plant but if you sow negative thoughts (seeds of doubt and failure) you can only reap negative experiences. It is impossible to grow oranges if you plant thorn seeds. You only reap what you sow.


Like the farmer, you need to check the garden of your mind daily to make sure it is healthy by removing any unwanted seeds of destruction (negative thoughts). Some of these thoughts can be hidden in being overly critical of yourself and others or in simply harbouring the thought that you cannot improve your life even thought you want to. This means you need to be very conscious of what you say and think. Most people fail here since they do not want to take the time to make the habit to monitor their minds.


Like a farmer, you need to water the positive seeds in the garden of your mind by adding daily more samples of the same thoughts to build on what is already in place and then you must follow up your mental desire with action.


Use the available tools that help you harness the power of your mind.

* Visit the resource section and read about Mini Motivational Cards

* Use CDs, like I do, including The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale – I wrote about this excellent personal development tool in this article.

* Read this article on Autosuggestion.

* Read empowering books. For example,  I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and As A Man Thinketh
by James Allen.

Continued Success and Wellness to you,