The Challenge of Success

Is it a challenge to succeed? Many people struggle most of their lives to succeed and grow old mystified by the lack of success they believe they experience.

Have you ever heard someone say “I am good person, I am honest…how come I am not more successful, how come I don’t reach my dreams?” Perhaps you have even said these words yourself, in the past I did too.

The key, as Jim Rohn has said, is that you have to be more that a good person, you have to be more than an honest person you have to be good planner, a person who sees your future goal and takes daily steps to move towards your goal. You have to be willing to overcome challenges until they become simply tasks.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, have better relationships or a better business, you need to take steps each day to nourish the results you want from your life.

Look right now at your day: do you have at least one goal written down that you will achieve today that at the end of the day will have made your move closer to your dreams?

Really, do you? If not, make and act on this goal.

Note: Some people may tell you one step a day is not enough. However, a year from now you will have taken 365 steps to nourish your dream and that is sure to make a difference.

Go on make your dreams reality,


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