The Bucket List – Two Great Questions

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I once had a goal to hike between the summits of ‘The Lions’ in British Columbia, Canada – that goal is now completed

Recently, I have read about a lot of people creating life time goals not daily goals in the form of a ‘Bucket List’ of one hundred or more goals they want to complete before they die or ‘kick the bucket’ as the saying goes. I shared this idea with a friend and she said “the goal of completing 100 goals regardless of what they are is a huge goal in itself” – “good point” I said and we chatted some more on the value of a ‘Bucket List’

Now I am a goal setter. One major part of my way of reducing stress and keeping healthy and fulfilled is to keep focused on what is important to me. To help me keep focused I use daily goals but I was curious to hear what an orignal thinker like my friend had to say about the value of a ‘Bucket List’

She said ‘goals must be more than a list of actions you want to take. They must have meaning’.

This comment stuck in my mind and recently when I saw the movie The Bucket List I heard Morgan Freeman ask Jack Nicholson in the movie two great questions:

Are you really happy with your life?

Have you really made other people happy during your life?

I find these very powerful questions that I can use to focus more in my life on the goals that are truly important.

Perhaps these questions can help you as well.

By the way, if you want to find out what I use to format my goals you can read this article on SMART goal setting and you can even request a copy of the simple goal reminder cards I have in my Free Resource section.

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By the way, if you are curious to learn about the movie (I like it) you can find more here on The Bucket List