The Biggest Waste of Your Time

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The biggest waste of your time especially if you work in the service industry is working with unqualified clients. You will never become financially independent if you waste your time.

You will not be surprised that many a salesperson particularly real estate agents spend hours, sometimes days, even weeks working with people who are not willing or who are not able to make an offer to purchase.

The agent or any salesperson does this for a number of reasons:

Sometimes it is because the salesperson is struggling to make money.

Many real estate agents are financially struggling and they are willing to work with a person who contacts him or her without qualifying the person. This lack of qualification also put the agent personally at risk since they are often going off in a car with a stranger. Be Street Smart

The salesperson will run to the request of a contact with hopes they will make a quick sale even though in the past they have experienced a waste of their time when they did not qualify the person as being willing and able to buy.

The reason sales people do not qualify clients is due to poor training.

No one wants to waste their time but if the salesperson does not know how to qualify a client. What else can do the but hope the person is qualified?

The solution:

If you do not know how to qualify a client (it is not an instinctive talent, it is a skill you need to learn) ask your manager to help you learn how to qualify clients. If your manager cannot help take a training program and read books and listen to audio so that you can learn how to pleasantly and professionally find out if the person you are working is really able and willing to buy what you have to offer.

I have been very grateful over the years that I learned questions to ask so that I could find out if a person was a ‘property tourist’ or a ‘qualified buyer’. Now I stay home with my family and only go to work when I have an opportunity to truly help an owner sell their home.

Take a moment and reflect do you qualify all the people you work with?

One of the best ways to qualify a person as a potential client it is to take the time to sit down with the person when you first meet them and ask precise questions and listen to the response.

It is better to take 15 minutes and find out the person cannot buy than spend hours with the person only to find out you wasted your time.

Note: Here I am not referring to people who are in the early stages of buying a product or service. These people need some of your guidance and assistance and you stay in touch with them. I am referring to people who truly have no real intention or ability to buy they just like to look.