The Best Personal Development and Inspirational Movies

You suggest!

What are your favorite personal development and inspirational movies?

I have listed below 3 movies I find that have inspired me as a person and helped me grow as an individual. Please review the list and then send me your favorite 3 personal development and inspirational movies. Once received, I will add them to this list with your name (if you wish) so we have one centralized list as to refer to. Click here to send me your favorites.

My list is in no particular order:



Peaceful Warrior

An inspirational and triumphant film about the power of the human spirit, Peaceful Warrior is the incredible true story based on Dan Millman’s bestselling novel. Click here or on the title to read more.



My Left Foot

“This cinematic masterpiece is the brilliant portrayal of legendary Irishman Christy Brown who, despite crippling cerebral palsy, learned to use his one controllable extremity — his left foot — to become an accomplished artist and writer.” Click here or on the title to read more.



Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is the story of a seventh-grade class assignment to put into action an idea that could change the world. The ideas shared in the movie are, in fact, the founding tenets of a real life movement and foundation that works to help people around the world. Click here or on the title to read more.


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