Ten Things I like about You

I got to thinking about the F work again, that is my Focus in life and I realized again that one of the actions that makes me feel great is when I make other people feel great.

As I thought about this I came up with the idea of creating a list of ‘Ten Things I like about You’ for people I know.

Now since I don’t know you who are reading this (not yet anyway) I decided to practice this idea by making a ‘Ten Things I like about You’ list for a friend of mine. I just did it and gave it too her. She smiled. That was enough for me to decide to share this idea online with you.

Tools needed: pen and paper

Technique: think about someone you know and focus on what you like about them, it could be how well they drive, how much you like their smile or anything. Write down your thoughts maybe in the order of counting down from ten to 1 (like David Letterman did on his show) Then give the list directly or mail it to your friend written in a nice card. Some blank greeting cards like this can be ideal.

Plan: Imagine if once a week every person wrote Ten things I like about You‘ for a friend’, creates wonderful impact.

The Result: when you focus on the positive in others you can only help increase the joy in this world.

Have a wonderful day,


P.S. please share this article to inspire your friends on and off line.