Ten Shortcuts to Learning Faster in Record Time

Here I offer to you several shortcut techniques that can help you acquire knowledge from a book faster. This approach you can use when you are reading online as well as offline.

Remember what Harvey Mackay, author of Swim with the Sharks said “Don’t just read a book study it”.

So here you have ten shortcuts to learning faster:


Pen in Hand

Read with a pen in hand and take note of what you are reading.



Stop Studying

Stop studying every 30 to 40 minutes for at least five minutes. In this five minutes move around and focus on something other than your topic of study.

When you return to study review your notes on what you studied in the last 30 to 40 minutes. Then continue.



Drink Water

If you don’t know the relationship between drinking water and cognitive activity read this article on the importance of drinking water.




Remember to eat so your brain gets the glucose it needs. Remember to make your meal easy to digest. Avoid a heavy fat breakfast and enjoy soup for lunch. This kind of soup is a great idea.



Manage Stress

A stressed brain does not learn well. Use the appropriate free resources I offer to manage your stress all the time so you learn quicker.



Sleep while you study

If you feel fatigue while you are studying take a short power nap by lying down for ten to fifteen minutes in a quite place and set you alarm to wake you up. This may help you feel really refreshed.




If you feel fatigue or just need a boost to your spirit take a shower and forget about your study while you shower. This can help rest the brain and revitalize the body.



Use Acronyms

The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique is a teaching acronym I created to help me remember information I learn on how to reduce stress and increase success and wellness. Look for a word that can help you mentally store information in one chunk.




Mindmaps and images can help you install information in your mind to help you remember ideas more easily. Learn about Mind Maps



Walk in Meditation

Take a silent walk to rest your mind and revise the work you have studied. Perhaps review the acronyms you have created to help you remember information. Learn about walking mediation in this resource.


Bonus Technique


When you have finished a book you can take your written notes and read them into a voice recording device like this and play the information back to yourself when you are out for a walk, bike ride etc.

Recommended Resource:

Once you can control your mind you can learn anything faster and more effectively. Read about The Silva Mind Control Method

All the best,