Ten Personal Health Tips for Professional Bloggers or Tech and IT workers Part Two

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This is part two of a quick and easy to apply ‘ten tips’ that if followed could make sure you still have abundant mental and physical energy after you complete your days work or, in the very least, hopefully reduce the stress you experience while you work. Sounds good? Then please read on.

Part one of ten personal heath tips for professional bloggers or Tech and IT workers is located here.



One Key Type of Food to Eat for High Mental Energy

I have learned from a lot of reading and course study that to keep the energy flowing consistently whether it is for a mental or physical activity you need to eat balanced meals everyday.

One key feature of a balanced meal is to eat a portion of protein at every meal but not too much. The reason is that protein burns slowly in your digestive track and keeps the release of energy steady so you have mental and physical energy for a longer more consistent period of time. In contrast, carbohydrates, even all the delicious vegetables, burn fast quicker than protein in your body and after a while your blood sugar will start to go down. Clearly, for good health and energy we need protein, carbohydrates and essential fats (the essential fats is another story!) at every meal.

I wrote simply and concisely all about how to create healthy eating habits in my e Workbook ‘Simplify Healthy Eating Habits‘. This is not a diet book but an e Workbook that makes it easier to make healthy eating habits and recognize if you are eating a balance meal in five seconds or less! Check it out here



Nourish Your Creativity and Stress Management by Doing Nothing

Your brain needs you to sleep there is not question about it. A rested brain is more creative, better able to tell your body how to fight off infections and physical and mental disease.

When your mind is better rested your creative ‘juices’ can flow more and at the very least your ability to read and write clearly will be enhanced.

Remember not everyone has the same sleep needs. The right amount for you is the amount it takes for you to wake up refreshed. If you wake up fatigued you still need to sleep longer. For two very simple yet quick to apply tips to help you get more sleep  check out this article



Inspire yourself

Once a day take the time to read an inspiring, motivational book for at least fifteen minutes. If you do this first thing in the morning it can help set a positive mental tone for the day. You can also do it last thing at night to help set the mood for a nourishing sleep. I recommend that you do this with a paper book to relax away from the computer screen.

You can find some inspiring, life changing books here I recommend you check out.




At the end of each of your work days it is an excellent idea to make sure you have created your goals for your next work day. Then you know what you need to focus on when you start off the next day. In addition, once you know your goals you can use your imagination to visualize before you start work the image of you completing all your important tasks during the day. If you don’t focus on your goals you might get caught up in emails; phone calls etc that don’t help you reach your goals and dreams. This article will help you keep on track.

If you are looking for Free Goal Setting cards you can read about some here



Spend Time with People Offline Each Day

If you have friends and family near where you live do your best each day to take time to be with them and learn about their day. Play with the children, cook together, and go for a walk. If you have no one close by at least take the time to contact friends and family not by email, not by twitter, not by texting / sms but by telephone since hearing the human voice is something special for all of us and so much easier to communicate with.

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