Ten Personal Health Tips for Professional Bloggers or Tech and IT workers Part One

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When you spend a lot of time each day sitting in front of a computer doing work you need to keep an eye on your habits. Your habits as you know relate to how you think and how you behave. So if you feel overwhelmed by work or anything in life or feel low in energy you will find (I hope) what I have written below to be helpful. These are ideas I have used for years.

Note: there are two parts to this posting as I originally wrote it in two pieces.

Here is the first part:


Learn to Maximize Your Ability to Focus

My FREE e Workbook (see sidebar) is all about fine tuning your power of focus. Knowing how to focus your mind is the most important part of avoiding getting overwhelmed and keeping your energy high on a daily basis. This is why I numbered it Zero. It is the foundation of success and wellness. Go ahead subscribe and get the e-Workbook for free (or pay for it if you have cash you need to spend!)

You can also help to keep your focus by knowing  when to review your to do list, by creating a not to do list, by setting your personal / work boundaries, by working on reducing the worry habit this way and by giving your mind and body the nourishment it needs to reduce chemically the stress in your body.


Techniques to Protect Your Eyes to Reduce Strain

Approximately every fifteen minutes take your eyes off the computer screen and focus on something in the distance to loosen up your eye muscles. If you don’t relax your eyes your body will experience stress and things become more difficult to manage. In addition, if you continue to look at the same distance for many hours each day you can loose some of the flexibility in the muscles of your eyes. Over time you can lose part of your ability to focus on distant objects. Not good. Also, as well as focusing on a distant object rotate your eyes in circles. It is fun to do and it helps reduce strain in the eye muscles.

The above tip I learned courtesy of an optician Dr. Thompson.



One Simple way to Enhance Mental Clarity

One of the simplest ways to enhance mental clarity is surprisingly not to have a cup of coffee but to have a glass of water. Water is essential for your brain and body to function clearly so keep Hydrated. Get yourself a jug and a cup or a stainless steel water bottle and fill it with water (perhaps, with a squeeze of lemon if you like) and sip water throughout your work day.

If you (or a friend) need more motivation as to why you need to drink water you can read this article for ten reasons.

If you need a new drinking bottle check out this water bottle review.



How to Boost Your Immune System & Increase Your Mental Energy

When you feel a little or a lot overwhelmed by your work or you just want to keep at  peak performance  it is an excellent idea to move your body. By moving your body you not only enhance your immune system (since it is stimulated when you move) you also help refresh your mind by stimulating blood circulation in the brain.

In addition, when you move you help remove tension in your body by taking your body into a different physical position from being in front of the computer. Reduced tension, less mental stress can equal better quality work. Get up and move at least once every hour for five to ten minutes.



Old and Simple but Effective Way to Release Tension

When you get up and move for mental energy a great idea is to stretch your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your wrists, your back, your legs and your ankles (and other parts of your body, if you wish). Do the stretches gently and slowly. Stretchs can help release tension in the body and can help you feel more energized.



Remember to GET OUT!

Every two to three hours (more frequent if possible) get outside and breathe some fresh air. Take lunch outside or stretch outside or if you need to phone a friend go outside and phone them. The ultimate is to take a walking break outside in the fresh air and chat with a friend or walk in silence in nature.

Based on your work day I recognize this fresh air break may only be possible at your lunch time or just after work but make sure you take the time to do it as many people stay inside all day. Make sure you stay outside for at least twenty minutes.

That’s the end of part one. This the link to part two of this mini guide.

Till next time,