Telephones and Heartbeats

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I am very happy today since I am continuing to hear stories of people with ultra busy lives still taking the time to reconnect with their family and friends at this special time of year.

I know it can be difficult as many families and friends are splintered across the world (mine included). But with the miracle of the telephone in just a few minutes I can rekindle the connection that has been stretched over the year. It must be the Irish in me but I sure love to chat with friends and family. I am eternally grateful for the invention of the telephone. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edision and all who contributed to its creation.

Of course, in our modern world I also very much appreciate video calling and all forms of voice over internet systems.

The telephone or what every system you use is valuable since as we all know deep inside that when we stop reaching out to connect we feel a little lost like nomads wandering around wondering what life is all about. Life is the relationships we have.

If you cannot be close to family and friends at this time and you have no way to connect for whatever reason please let me share an idea I thought up to help you still feel connected since you like everyone is an important part of this world we live in:

Take the time today and close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart and listen to the beating of your life. As you do this send a thought of best wishes to those you cannot be with and let it resonate from within you. Indeed the sound of our heart is a sound that connects all of us – it is an universal sound – in this sound we are all together as family.

To you with respect as to whatever way you celebrate this time of

Your friend on the journey,