Telephone, Traffic and Twitter Meditation

Meditation Devices? photo by D.Hennessey

In stress destroying breath and cookie consciousness I wrote about how we all can nourish more peace and happiness in our lives by using certain techniques to help relax our body and mind. These ideas are rooted in what I have read in Peace Is Every Step.

Yesterday, I received a message from Chris “David, I don’t have a copy of Peace is Every Step so I am wondering if the author writes about how to find more peace in our daily lives since so many ideas from Zen etc seem so out of date to modern living?”

The good news is ‘Yes’ Thich Nhat Hanh offers a lot of useful ideas in Peace is Every Step to help us relax our minds in the middle of modern day events that can bring us tension. In one case, he shares how we can use traffic lights to help us find peace and in another case he uses the telephone to help us get back our peaceful state of mind. When you read below what I share you will see how these same ideas can be expanded to help reduce the tension we experience sometimes from other modern forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook and more.

What to do when the Telephone rings or a Text message Arrives?

When the telephone rings or a message arrives we can become a victim of its control as it can sometimes be irresistible to avoid responding to the ring or the beep just to find out who is contacting us. The control can reach the point where the ring or beep will pull us away from another important activity we are already engaged in whether it is a conversation with a friend or a work related project.

My take on what Thich Nhah Hahn says is that when we hear the ring or the beep we can use the ring or beep to remind us to take a deep breath and focus on what is important at that moment and then decide whether we need to repond or delay our response to the request for attention. This ‘pause’ before action gives us back the control in our lives we need to remain peaceful and less stressed.

What to do when the traffic light turns red?

When we are moving along swiftly in the car and the light in front of us goes red our reaction can be one of anger, frustration or joy. Thich Nhat Hanh points out how we can make it a moment of joy. He suggests in one passage called ‘Driving Meditation’ we can use this ‘pause’ in the movement of our lives to practice our breathing to relax ourselves just like I wrote about in the article stress destroying breath. When we take the time to focus on our breathing for just these few red light minutes we can help reduce the tension in our minds and bodies and not only become better drivers but more peaceful and centered in all areas of our modern lives.

There you go Chris I hope sharing with you these additional ideas will help you in your personal and professional life and of course, I cannot resist to suggest to you to follow this link to learn about and perhaps get your own copy of Peace Is Every Step a wonderful gift to yourself or a friend.

Enjoy a wonderful day,