Technology can Speed Up or Slow Down your Business Success plus My number one choice

Using technology is a great way to get more efficient and use our time more effectively but did you ever invest in a new device and found it was too difficult to operate? But you continued to use it because, well, you have heard it is great.  Overall the device actually slowed down your ability to do your business. Perhaps Windows 8 comes to mind?

Important Tip:
Invest your hard earned money in technology that will instantly fill a gap needed in your work environment.

The key in the decision I believe is what do we really NEED to enhance our success (and hopefully reduce stress) as against what do we WANT.

I will be delighted to hear what technology you found you really needed in your business and when you got it it made a substantial difference. Maybe I need what you have.

My number one choice:
For example, personally I was not a first adapter of smart phones. However, over time I realized that I was spending a lot of time answering emails when I got back to my office and clicking 3 times on each key to get a letter for a text was taking way to long. Once I got my smart phone ( Nexus 4 ) I saved a ton of time since I could answer email while waiting on clients and was able to take better photos than with my regular digital camera. Yes, you may be thinking how could you be in real estate, be successful and not have a smart phone, well I am, I am doing great business but now it is a whole lot stressful.

To your Success and Wellness,