Take Time to be Silent

Hello Again,

Just like me I am sure you have noticed that a lot of workplaces and homes are hubs of daily living activity but few have a time each day in which silence is encouraged. The brain needs silence to integrate what has been learned, to search out new ideas and simply to rest and regenerate its ability. Without silence, like space between notes in music, everything rolls together and in time leads to frustration or confusion and other forms of unwanted stress.

You can nourish yourself and other people’s ability to deal with stressful situations by encouraging the allotment of time in the work or home for times of silence mixed with times of stillness.

This does not have to be for a very long period of time perhaps just five to ten minutes a day of no talking, no TV, no radio, no mp3, no iPod….. Indeed, this is only a short period of time but for many people this short period of time of silence may not even occur once a day.

A great way to achieve this goal is to go for a regular early morning walk in nature or at lunch time. Choose a park abundant with trees and bushes so you can experience freshly made oxygen and be buffered from the sounds of commercial activity, moving vehicles and talking people. If you are with someone else let them know you wish to be silent for the next ten minutes. Perhaps they will do the same as you or wait to meet up with you soon once you have experienced your moment of silence.

In closing, I must mention you can find an immense amount of ideas in one book called Peace Is Every Step. It is not a new book so it is not expensive and it is an excellent resource I have referred to many times to help keep my life in balance as I work to be the best I can as an educator, parent, entrepreneur, husband and student.

Enjoy a wonderful day,

Your friend on the journey,