Take the Chopsticks Challenge and Win

Sometimes my children tease me that I eat too fast at meal times. They say this because I tend to finish my plate before them. Indeed, I do finish before the children a lot of the times since they are chatting away and I am eating while I am listening to what they have to say. Recently when I ate dinner with my children I agreed to eat my dinner (small peas included) using chopsticks. We have a few sets of stainless steel chopsticks  at home which made it ease for me to go for the challenge right away.

Using the chopsticks definitely made it take me take longer to complete my meal (especially picking up the peas) but it also took my children longer as they watched me eat. Plus they made their own brave attempt to eat with chopsticks too. Fun for the family but there is more.

After the meal I had a thought that this ‘Chopstick Challenge’ could indeed be a very good action for nourishing success and wellness for three reasons:


In previous research I posted on this site here I shared scientific information from the Franklin Institute that indicates when you perform a novel activity (like using chopsticks) your brain is tested and often grows new brain cells to help you memorize and install the new ability being learned (and I could always do with some more active brain cells!).


I learned from some of the best people I know on the topics of healthy eating that eating in small bites (the only thing possible with chop sticks!) helps me digest my food better which in turn giving me more potential energy. Note: I wrote lots about simple ways to create healthy eating habits in this e-book.


Of course, the activity of using the chopsticks also helps me nourish more my eye hand co-ordination which can only help me write clearer notes to my clients and friends (and everyone is happier when they can read my writing!)

Well, there you go, are you willing to consider the ‘Chopstick Challenge’? You will definitely win because of the benefits, if not just for the simply fun of the activity.

By the way, if you prefer to get yourself a set of stainless steel chopsticks instead of using wood chopsticks and then throwing them out because they absorb the food you can follow this link to find out your options on stainless steel chopsticks

Please share this idea and let me know your experience.

Best Wishes, David