Swimming as a Meditation to increase Confidence

As a child I was terrified of going swimming, ask my mother. Then when I got older and I took the time to train my mind to be more confident and calm I entered the water again.

I learned to swim and now I swim more and more each year.

Swimming can help you stay healthy through out your life with benefits like improved strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

I believe swimming can do more than bring us physical fitness.

I swim to relax. To be more exact due to my past fear of water I am using swimming as a way to relax my mind in face of fear.

I use swimming like Thich Nhat Hanh would say as a moving meditation. I use my swim time to be a time of calming and relaxing my breath.

To enhance my swimming mediation I have just started practicing the art of apnea which involves swimming under water on one breath. I even purchased the Ultimate Manual of Freediving so I can learn more. (Pictured above).

If you are not familiar with Apnea and the Art of Freediving, I recommend you check out videos and information about current constant weight world record holder William Trubridge who has used meditation and yoga to achieve his amazing descent to over 100m below sea level and back to the surface on a single breath.

With or without practicing Apnea, maybe swimming can be a new form of mediation for you.

Enjoy a wonderful day,