Super Power Your Memory Jim Kwik ly

I have always wanted to enhance my ability to remember information that is important to me, for example, where the key for the house is and what I want to share during the next keynote.

One concept I came across about 12 years ago was the use of memory mnemonics like an acronym, one example, the W.O.N.D.E.R. technique, is the acronym I created to remember what helps make us healthy and wealthy.

I just read an article in Success magazine featuring an memory expert Jim Kwik and I will share with you one of his ideas to help inspire you to remember better and hopefully check out Jim’s work.

Jim says you need MOM to help you with your memory.

M for Motivation to remember the information

O for Observation to get focused to remember the information

M for Mechanics the tools to remember the information.

Jim says without the M and O the last M is no use and I agree. One reason I was able to learn a second language without taking a training course was because I had a deeply motivated desire to learn the language.

Take the time to check out Jim’s work and make sure you subscribe to this magazine